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This Week: TV (June 7-14)

By June 7, 2010

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Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) in season 3 of (I)True Blood(/i), premiering Sunday.

Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) in season 3 of True Blood, premiering Sunday.


This Week's TV Listings

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TELEVISION—New episodes this week from:
  • Ashes to Ashes
  • Doctor Who
  • Merlin
  • Past Life
  • Stargate Universe (season finale!)
  • True Blood (season premiere!)
Guest stars this week include Zeljko Ivanek (Heroes) and Evan Rachel Wood, among others, on True Blood; David Schofield and Georgia Moffett ("The Doctor's Daughter") on Merlin.

Synopses below the jump. For details see the listings (regular or alphabetical).
  • Ashes to Ashes "Episode #2.5" 205 (BBCA, Tue Jun 8 10 pm). When a violent burglary occurs, Alex comes face-to-face with her future ex-husband and also the mysterious man who?s been following her. Is she willing to be a corrupt cop in order to get back to her daughter?
  • Doctor Who "The Hungry Earth" 508 (BBCA, Sat Jun 12 9 pm). A drilling project penetrates the Earth's crust with adverse consequences.
  • Merlin "Sweet Dreams" 210 (Syfy, Fri Jun 11 10 pm). Dignitaries from rival kingdoms descend on Camelot for peace talks, but what King Alined really wants is war. He'll do everything in his power to stir up hostilities, even if it means using magic. Alined's jester, Trickler, puts a spell on Arthur to make him fall madly in love with rival King Olaf's beloved daughter, Vivian. Chaos reigns in the palace and Camelot is once more poised on the brink of war. Can Merlin free Arthur's heart before the prince loses his head in battle? Guest Stars: David Schofield as Alined, Kevin Eldon as Trickler, Mark Lewis Jones as King Olaf, Georgia Moffett as Vivian
  • Past Life "Running on Empty" 106 (Fox, Fri Jun 11 8 pm). The team helps an insurance company executive whose out-of-body experiences are evidence that he's in danger of losing his soul.
  • Stargate Universe "Incursion: Part 2" 120 (Syfy, Fri Jun 11 9 pm). Season finale (part 2 of 2).
  • True Blood "True Blood Pre-Show" 300 (HBO, Sun Jun 13 8:45 pm). A preview of Season 3 of 'True Blood.'
  • True Blood "Pack of Wolves" 301 (HBO, Sun Jun 13 9 pm). In the third-season premiere, Sookie gets little cooperation from Eric in her frantic search for a missing Bill. Meanwhile, Andy persuades Jason to keep quiet about Eggs' death, which leaves Tara beside herself with grief and Lafayette with the difficult task of consoling his cousin. Tanya Wright: Kenya. John Hillard: Hank. Adina Porter: Lettie Mae. Zeljko Ivanek: Magister. Shannon Welles: Olivia. Don Swayze: Gus. Evan Rachel Wood: Queen Sophie Anne. Marshall Allman: Tommy Mickens. Gregg Daniel: Rev. Daniels. Grant Bowler: Coot.
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